What Do Librarians Do These Days? (Part II-Resource & Collection Development)

Resource and collection development competencies start with a foundational understanding of the philosophy of reference service.  This includes the legal and ethical responsibilities by members of the profession relevant to the provision of information. Due to the wide variety of settings where librarians and information professionals may practice, the philosophy also explores an understanding of …

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What Do Librarians Do These Days? (Part I – Professional Identity)

Competencies help explain the very complex answer to “what do librarians do these days?” This is also the package of knowlege, skills, and abilities which I bring to the job. Professional identity is the first of the six areas which library and information science covers.

Google for Librarians

Dan Martin is the writer of Google Corporation’s Public Policy blog. He visited CUA’s School of Library and Information Science to share “Google for Librarians.” Google upgrades and tests its information indexing on a daily basis. The company mission to create transparency for information, support open formats and to promote democratic goverment is achieved through a multitude of iniatives.