Management Competencies

Cherry Blossom Quilt by Michelle Polchow

Cherry Blossom Quilt by Michelle

Information professions and librarians have been identified on the organizational chart as “serving the white spaces.” It is essential to learn to work with and through others to achieve effective and efficient operations of libraries and information services.

Professor Blane Dessy sees the process beginning with self-managment.
•Management Aptitude
•Best Manager/Worst Manager
•Working in an Adaptive Culture
•Ethical Work Climate
•Personal Decision Style?
•Organic vs. Mechanistic Organizational Structures
•Want to Be an HR Manager?
•How Tolerant Are You?
•Personality Assessment: Jung and Myers-Briggs

These exercises helped strengths and weaknesses dealing with all the areas which managers must be proficient as identified in the SLIS proessional competencies for management:
1) strategic management and planning; 2) human resource management; 3) budgeting and financial management; 4) marketing, including promotion; 5) ethical management; 5) leadership; 6) communication; 7) negotiation and teamwork;   8) the management of technology; 9) change and innovation;  and 10) and the evaluation of organizational processes and programs.

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